Gail Porter

Gail is a Scottish television personality, television presenter, former model and actress best recognised for featuring in shows like ‘Fully Booked’, ‘The Movie Chart Show’ and ‘Dead Famous’.

She commenced her career on small-screen presenting shows aimed for children and family like ‘Children’s BBC Scotland’, ‘Children in Need’, ‘Fully Booked’ and ‘The Movie Chart Show’. She then branched out into modelling in the late 1990s and turned heads posing nude for FHM. The photograph was projected on the Houses of Parliament as part of a guerrilla marketing campaign.

She went on to feature in several other TV shows including ‘Celebrity Blind Man’s Bluff’, ‘Lily Savage’s Blankety Blank’, ‘The Games’, ‘Dead Famous’, ‘The Wright Stuff’ and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. On the personal front, the otherwise upbeat and positive Gail, had to struggle with anorexia, insomnia and bi-polar disorder apart from post-natal depression which led to breakdown of her marriage and single motherhood.

She developed alopecia totalis and lost her hair but resolved not to hide her bald head with a hat or wig so as to raise awareness of the condition. She became ambassador for the ‘Little Princess Trust’ and serves as a vice-president of ‘The Children’s Trust’.


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